Training to Minorities Girls

Training to Minorities Girls under Rehbar Scheme

About the Programme

For the better skill development of the youth belonging to Minorities families, the project provide them computer training and make them familiar with the latest technology used day to day life in IT industry. The main objective of the organization is to make the rural youth more self-dependent and more educated. The lower strata of the society is very unskilled in the field of information technology because of very expensive education mainly given by the private organizations and institutions, which cannot be afforded by the rural Minorities youth. So the organization has proposed to provide training on computer education to those Minorities youth, who are really needed to get such training at local level.

Basic Computer Education is one of the essential qualification for employment of youth in industries, Hotels, Govt. and Non -Government offices, public and private sectors. Due to lack of computer Education training of youth in rural areas, they are not able to get the desired job easily. Typical Hilly geo-climatic condition and geographical terrain is main obstacle for setting up and running of skill training institutes in remote hilly area. Uninterrupted power supply, lack of Internet facilities, lack of easy accessibility and transportation facilities, natural calamities as well as unawareness on necessity of computer education are also key factors of illiteracy of youth in skill development trainings.

The project aims at providing the technical and skill development training to the rural youth belonging to Minorities families, in the field of computer education, by providing them Six Months extensive training in computer and its allied sectors.

Objectives of the Programme

The objective of this programme is to aware the minority girls about the world of computer. To make them able to work with computer thus they can do better in their life by adopting this new generation tool for the betterment of their lifestyle. The main objective of this programme is toprovide the knowledge of computer fundamentals, computer accountancy and Use of Information Technology to the 62 girls belonging to Minority families. All those girls who got training in this programme will surely got benefited by this training session and it will help them in their future life.

Training /Courses

The training programme was geven for 60 beneficiaries. The lists of the candidates are arranged by the government official. Total 62 beneficiaries got the training under this scheme yet the training is proposedfor 60only. Each and every candidate is accepted after the verification by the government officials. The selected candidates list is also verified by the Distict social welfare officer. The training programme is successfully completed by all these candidates. All these beneficiaries are well acquainted with computer hardware and the software told to them. The proposed course is fully covered under this scheme and all the beneficiaries are taught about the course fully theoretically and practically. The course included the Computer Fundamentals, MS Office and account Software Tally. The course material is designed as keeping in mind the latest syllabus which is requiredinall the govt. and private organizations. After completing the course these beneficiaries are now fully acceptable to industry and other sectors because the course curriculum designed for the training is widely acceptable and used in almost all the government, public and private organizations. Till the date 23.06.2014 the students are taught about basics of computer, MS office, accountancy and other necessary information about computer and usefulness of computer. The following course is completed in the classroom:

  •  Computer Fundamental
  •  Micro Soft Word.
  •  Micro Soft Excel.
  •  Microsoft Power Point.
  •  Introduction to the Internet.
  •  IT Enable Accountacy.

Distribution of Certificates:

After completion of the project all the beneficiaries are awarded by certificates. Total 62 certificates are printed for the beneficieries of this programme in all the three centres i.e. Raipur, Jolly Grant and Rishikesh. At Raipur Centre thecertificates are distributed by the Assitant Manager Multipal Finanace Corporation. At Jolly Grant centre the certificate distribution is done by in the presence of Pricipal Hopeway Public School Jolly Grant. At Rishikeshcentre the certificate distribution is done by the centre manager of the Rishikesh Centre.