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Major Activities

INFO International Educational and Welfare Society, Rishikesh is dedicated for the development for lower strata of the soceity . We regularly organises various Skill Development Programme,Vocational Training Programmes, Awareness Programmes, Awareness General Programme etc for the peoples of villages.

Info International educational & welfare society (IIEWS), Rishikesh, is basically a non-political & non-profit making organization. It was founded in the year 1999 by a group of senior enthusiastic social workers. It got the status of a registered society in the year 2001 under the Society Registration Act 21, 1860. The aim of the organization is focused on the integrated sustainable development through participatory process. The General body and the Executive Body constituted for the purpose to perform the activities of the Organization. The Management Committee comprises of the experienced Personnel from diverse fields having experience of different fields, related to the activities of the Organization and the representatives of the local people. IIEWS Rishikesh work with the objectives to initiate a process of communication for people’s information, to generate new organic knowledge through intensive field work and to render services to make the society a better place to live in, all this by developing new techniques and providing better opportunities for weaker section and women of the society. The activity-spectrum of IIEWS touches a wide range i.e., any thing and every thing related to the following aspects :

  • Development of Mankind
  • Literacy Programmes.
  • Women Development & Child care
  • Development of SC/ST, Minorities & OBC of the Society
  • National integration & Cultural heritage
  • All types of Awareness programmes
  • Health and Hygiene Awareness and Regulatory Programme

The organization work with full dedication to complete all the tasks in hand with highly effective way and always appreciated for its work in the projected area. Literacy mission and computer literacy programmes are found to be very effective in all the areas of Uttarakhand and other states also. Medicinal plants cultivation techniques are very helpful to the farmers who want to grow medicinal plants and get benefited by it.

Info International Educational and Welfare Society believe in development of basic foundation to strive for overall development in integrated manner. For better foundation the organization is focused in Human development, Environment, Health, Non- conventional resource of energy, literacy, employment opportunities etc. The organization always worked in consonant of villages needs and with the active participation of targeted group from the planning to implementation.

The Organization further aims at formulating a number of Projects/Schemes for Environment and Human development in Uttaranchal, and we wish to involve us in such activities on national and international level in coming years & make all the program successful and helping in expanding organization. So this organization can work and help much more peoples of wide and far areas.

Some of our most successful Programme and Activities are as follows:

  •  Training to the rural poor youth of village Katarpur Haridwar in Biotechnology in biomass utilization and agribusiness management. And Vermicomposting
  •  Training in Hospitality management to the rural poor youth of Jolly Village.
  •  Training to the rural poor youth of Athoorwala Village Block Doiwala, Dehradun on Retail management.
  •  Training to the rural poor youth of village Gumaniwala, Rishikesh in Mushroom Cultivation.
  •  Training to the rural poor youth of Tapovan village on Front office management.
  •  Training to the 50 farmers of different villages of District Tehri, Dehradun and Chamoli on promotion and cultivation of medicinal plants .
  •  Training to the girls and women of socially deprived class on one year computer diploma course.
  •  To provide the computer trainingto the rural people organization have opened 15 rural IT centres in the different places, covers all seven districts of Garhwal, and two places of Kumaon and two paces of Himanchal Pradesh.
  •  Help farmers in Agricultural Activities.
  •  Guide Farmers for Medicinal Plant Cultivation.
  •  Organizes Multi Purpose Tree Plantation Programmes
  •  General & legal Awareness Programs for Villagers
  •  Literacy Programs for women Personnel & Social Health Awareness Programs.
  •  Special Programs for Personality Development of rural Students.
  •  Establishment of Rural IT Centre?s in various locations.
  •  Women Empowerment & Development Programs
  •  Computer Literacy and comp. related Information delivery Programs
  •  Organizes Track and Tour Programs
  •  Special Computer classes for House wives and service men.
  •  Special Programmes for old age persons.
  •  Various other innovative Programmes at Different Places.
  •  Environmental Awareness Programmes .
  •  Culture and Historical Building saving Programme Organize Handicrafts promotional Activities.
  •  Skill Development Training to the 4000 Rural BPL Youths in All Seven (7) District of Garhwal Mandal, Uttarakhand under SGSY Special Project organised by Ministry of Rural Development (MORD) Govt. of India and Poject Management Unit (PMU), Department of Rural Development, Uttarakhand Govt. Dehradun .

Info International Education and Welfare Society is a well established non- government organization founded in the year 2000. Since then the society is working in the development of rural and urban people in various fields. The great achievement of the society is in the field of information technology. At the time of foundation of the society, it is clear that this organization works to make the rural youth more strong towards improving their life style and living standard, and make them fully self dependent by providing them modern education and also familiarize them with the traditional techniques such as agro-culture farming, medicinal plants farming, organic farming and so many others.

To fulfill its aim the organization established many IT centers in the garhwal region of Uttaranchal and collaborate with the existing institutions to provide the computer education at free of cost to the poor youth of their region. The same time the organization notices a very harassing phase of this literacy in the form of immigration. Approximately all the youth of this generation are not willing to live in the hilly region of the state, because of the less than desirable sources of income. So the organization decided that to provide and motivate the youth towards those sources of income which are money generating and which can prevent them from immigration. The organization continuously working for it and it founds that in the hilly region of the Garhwal the traditional farming with latest scientific approach is successfully maintained and this is also very productive in increasing economic condition of the peoples.

The organization feels that every body can’t be master in the field of information technology. So to generate the income for non-IT people specially the women of Garhwal region, the organize starts to train the people in other source of income generation. Keeping the climatic condition of the Garhwal region in mind organization think to trained the persons in cultivation of Angora wool. This will be the great source of income for them.

Angora rabbit wool may emerge as an important source for income generation in the Garhwal region. The agro-climatic condition of this region is best suited to the breeding and rearing of Angora and Broiler rabbit. This source requires very less amount of agricultural land. It can be cultivated in the height of 3000- 6000 ft. above than the sea level. And all these requirements are fulfilled by the Garhwal , specially hilly area of Garhwal region. The wool of this rabbit is very much in demands in the country and also in the international market because of its quality. The demand of the angora wool is increasing day by day in the world specially in those countries where the temperature is mostly very less and in minus also.

With providing training for the Angora rabbit cultivation to the people the organization also searching for the new sources of income in the Garhwal region that attract the youth of this region and prevent them from leaving their native place in search of income. With the aim to provide the education to the youth it is also the first priority of the organization to check immigration and lift up the living standard of the poor families by providing them more and valuable source of income in their own or in nearby areas. It is also noticed that if youth getting much more salary and can produce money in their home villages then they are not willing to go abroad and to the plains.

After doing a vast survey and getting experience of living and livelihood in the hilly region of Uttaranchal, the organization make its first and foremost issue is ” To generate livelihood alternatives followed by Economic development and empowerment” for all the villagers of the region who willing to improve their living and still wants to be in their native places. It is the god blessing for all those peoples that many NGOs are working in different fields and in different ways to generate economy for this state. But still this is not sufficient for covering all the hilly region of the Garhwal . There required much more work done by govt. and also by the NGOs to work more in this region and makes the people.