Info International Education and Welfare Society (IIEWS) is a well-established non- government organization founded in the year 2000. Since then the society is working for the development of rural and urban people in various fields. The organization is working to improve the living standard of the backward classes and poor peoples of the society by providing help and support. The organization provides technical education and skill to the peoples so they can easily get job and can earn by other sources. The great achievement of the society is in the field of Information Technology.

At the time of foundation of the society, it is clear that this organization works to make the rural populace stronger towards improving their life style and living standard, and make them fully self dependent by providing them modern education and also familiarize them with the traditional techniques such as agro-culture farming, medicinal plants farming, organic farming and so many others.

To train the peoples in computer and information technology the organization established many IT centers in the different places of the Uttarakhand and collaborate with the existing institutions to provide the computer education at free of cost to the poor youth of their region. At present approximately 12-15 Rural Information Technology Centers are connected with the society and spreading the computer literacy in the state.

To generate the income for non-IT people specially the women of Garhwal region, the organize starts to train the people in other source of income generation. Keeping the climatic condition of the state in mind organization think to trained the persons in cultivation of different types of medicinal Plants, Organic Farming, hand made materials and their supply to appropriate locations etc, there are a lot of such profession adopting which there is sure increase in the social and economic condition of life. Thus, become the great source of income for them.

IIEWS has been working in the field of providing computer education to equip the people with the skills required to be self dependent and to earn livelihood through Information Technology. It starts its first computer centre in the city Rishikesh, and now it spread its other centres in the Uttarkashi, New Tehri, Chamoli, Dehradun district of the state, and Solan District of Himanchal Pradesh. The organization provide free computer education to the numbers of students of the SC, ST and OBC`s community the financial aid in the form of cash scholarship, incentives, fees waiver part and full fees waiver. The organization felt that the enlistment of the SC, ST & OBCs community is the guarantee of development of the country.

Computer Training

Computer Education

The organization having its own computer education center under which the various computer literacy programmes have been organized by the society.

Key Achievements​

  • Training of 300 students in GDA and Tally course under HSBC Skills for Life program
  • Training of 2500 Elected Panchayati Raj Representative (PRI) in 5 block of Tehri and Chamoli District (Gram Pradhan, BDC Members and Ward Members)
  • Training of 1137 tribal youth in 11 Skill Sectors and provide employment to them in F.Y. 2017-18 and 2018-19.
  • Medical and Nursing Training to 229 SC youth in FY. 2016-17 through Department of Youth Welfare Govt. of Uttarakhand.
  • Skill Development training to more than 4000 beneficiaries / rural people, organization have opened 40+ rural IT centres in the different places covering all 13 districts of Garhwal and Kumaon Mandal and two places of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Medical and Nursing Training to 180 youth under UKSDM FY. 2016-17
  • ICT, Medical and Nursing, Hospitality Management training to Approx. 2400 Students under NULM-SUDA programme

Work done by the Info International Educational & Welfare Society (IIEWS)

 The organization having its own computer education center under which the various computer literacy programmes have been organized by the society.

 Various programmers on general awareness for the women such as literacy awareness campaign in the women, Dowry system in the society, and mental depression of women by the family member’s female embryo abortion, employment generation activities etc. The meeting of the personnel with the local people for water cleaning, Nutrition for health and various other activities such as stitching by the rural girl’s home is organized and done effectively. Decorative and various others activities such as painting and beauty parlor course etc,

As Uttaranchal is a hilly state and most of the state fall under the Himalayan zone which is said to be the home of medicinal plants. The organization is encouraging farmers for the cultivation of the medicinal and aromatic plants. Info International Educational and Welfare Society (IIEWS) has its own nursery at Badshahi Thaul in which there are various medicinal and aromatic plants are available. The Geranium is the main planting stock present in the nursery. In the chamba block of district Their Garhwal covering about 180 farmers. The farmers of the different village have been given group wise training for cultivating medicinal plant and its importance in the context of Uttaranchal. The planting materials of some medicinal and aromatic plant have been given to the farmers such as Kalihari, Geranium, lemon grass, Kutki, Stevia, Jatropha etc. the farmers are also being encouraged to extract the oil of Geranium. The organization is going to establish a distillation unit at Badshahi Thaul of district Tehri Garhwal. The farmers are also facilitated to sell out the medicinal produce to the appropriate market.

Various multipurpose trees MPTs such as Bhimal, Khadik, Shirish and Robinia have been planted by the society with the help of farmers to the farmer’s fields to provide them Fuel, fodder, fiber and flosses. Plantation of Jatropha in uncultivated and barren lands of the farmer are also done by the farmers. Hundreds of Plants are planted in the jungle and near by area of the villages.

 Different programmes on agricultural based activities such as off season vegetable cultivation and plantation of some horticultural crops namely peach, plum, walnut, apricot etc are plated in farmer’s field by the organization. The training programme on mushroom preparation and its cultivation has been provided by the organization. The organization also help the farmers time to time to improve the growth and yield of the crop. And also help the farmers in their worse time when the nature does not help them.

 Awareness programmes on poly bag eradication, soil conservation, pollution control etc are launched by the organization. Clear water movement and use of organic farming and bio fuel has also emphasized by the organization. Society organizes a lot of seminars, debate and speech programs in the villages and urban areas to aware the common men about the environment and factors having bad and good effects on the environment.

 The organic farming concept is being introduced the farmers. In this way several activities on organic farming are being carried out by the organization.

 Organization is providing earthworm Eisenia fotida species to the farmers for the vermicompost preparation. For this purpose, farmers are advised to design the pit and place farm or bedding material, leaf mold in the pit followed by placing earthworm for the decomposition of the material in the pit. After 3 to 4 month the vermicompost is completely decomposed and ready to use and market. So far 34 farmers have been benefited by the organization under vermicompost activities. Use of Bio agent and Bio fertilizer is also one of among the prime agricultural activity of the organization.