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About Info International Educational and Welfare Society

NGO in India, IIEWS Rural IT Centre, Organic Farming, Organic Product, Computer Education, BPL Training, Education to Poors

  • Name of Organization           : Info International Educational & Welfare Society

  • Registration No.                    : 0724/2001

  • Date of Registration              : 06 October 2001

  • Registering Authority           : Society Registrar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

  • Income Tax Pan No.              : AAATI4049R

  • Registered Address              : Koyal Ghati Haridwar Road Rishikesh

  • Head Office                            : "Info Building", 246, Bankhandi Road, Rishikesh

                                                     District Dehradun, Uttarakhand - India, PIN - 249201

  • Contact Information

  •     Phone No                          : 91-135-6538178 (registered office)

  •     Fax                                    : 91-135-2430993

  •     E-mail                                : rajeshpainuly@gmail.com

  •     Web Site                           : www.iiews.com

  • Contact Person                   : Mr. Rajesh Painuly

  • Contact Number                  : 09897888321

  • Position in Organization     :Secretary

    Info International education and welfare society is a well established non- government organization founded in the year 1999. Since then the society is working in the development of rural and urban people in various fields. The great achievement of the society is in the field of information technology. At the time of foundation of the society, it is clear that this organization works to make the rural youth more strong towards improving their life style and living standard, and make them fully self dependent by providing them modern education and also familiarize them with the traditional techniques such as agro-culture farming, medicinal plants farming, organic farming and so many others.

    To fulfill its aim the organization established many IT centers in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand and collaborate with the existing institutions to provide the computer education at free of cost to the poor youth of their region. The same time the organization notices a very harassing phase of this literacy in the form of immigration. Approximately all the youth of this generation are not willing to live in the hilly region of the state, because of the less than desirable sources of income. So the organization decided also to provide and motivate the youth towards those sources of income which are money generating and which can prevent them from immigration. The organization continuously working for it and it founds that in the hilly region of the Garhwal the traditional farming with latest scientific approach is successfully maintained and this is also very productive in increasing economic condition of the peoples.

    After doing a vast survey and getting experiences of living and livelihood in the hilly region of Uttarakhand, the organization make its first and foremost issue - " To generate livelihood alternatives followed by Economic development and empowerment" for all the villagers of the Garhwal region who willing to improve their living and still wants to be in their native places. It is God's blessing for all those peoples that many NGOs are working in different fields and in different ways to generate economy for this state. But still this is not sufficient for covering all the hilly region of the Garhwal due to it worst and very difficult geographical topology. This required much more work done by govt. and also by the NGOs to work more in this region and makes the people self dependent and make their life somewhat easy and reliable sources of income generation.

    IIEWS organization has been working in the field of providing computer education to equip the people with the skills required to be self dependent and to earn livelihood through Information Technology. The organization provided numbers of students of the SC, ST and OBC`s community the financial aid in the form of cash scholarship, incentives, fees waiver part and full fees waiver. The organization felt that the enlistment of the SC, ST & OBCs community is the guarantee of development of the country.

    The Info International Educational and Welfare Society (IIEWS) is a non-profit IT service organization operating from Rishikesh Uttaranchal. The proposal deals with computer education of software for SC/ST/OBC's so as to equip them to get placed in formal sector where the demand for such skill growing steadily. Computer literacy is the basic need today in electronic era.

    The rural community has more readily embraced computer education than general population in India likes USA, Canada & UK etc. the computer education is a strategic tool for SC,ST & OBC community's , development and welfare of rural India requires necessary computer education.

    The later part of the 1998s, the time when the idea for IIEWS was first conceived, was characterized by the following:

  • It was a time when there was no service organization for Uttaranchal working to fill the vacuum prevalent in the field of Information Technology.

  • Most of the North, East and Upward of Uttaranchal were in complete darkness regarding the fast growing field of Information Technology.

  • A vast majority of the Uttaranchal school students were growing without even seeing a real computer in front of their eyes.

  • There were no computers at all in schools, except a few town schools.

  • The very few government offices, which had computing facilities, were using computers only for word processing, as if they were just some modern typewriters.

  • General awareness on the potential of IT was very low even among top-level government servants in Uttaranchal areas.

    This was the background that necessitated IIEWS, which after started functioning informally from the late 1998. The organization has been established on 6 October 2001 under the society registration act 21, 1860 registration no 724.

    Area of Working

  • Education: we organize literacy training programs for the poor villagers and women of the different areas of the state.

  • Technical Education: IIEWS have 48 computer training centres in the all districts of Garhwal Mandal of Uttarakhand, through these all these centres time to time we are providing the free of cost computer training to the SC/ST/OBC girls women and BPL youth of the villages.

  • Agriculture: we also organizes training programmes and awareness camps in the villages of Uttarakhand to aware the people about latest technology in the field of agriculture.

  • Awareness Generation Program: we also organized general awreness programmes , Health Awareness Program, Environmental Awareness Programme etc. in the villages of the state.

  • Welfare: the organization working for the welfare of poor and needy people. We provide free computer education to the youth of BPL youth/ sc/ st/ obc and female and youth of poor families and train them in the field of computer and information technology. We also provide other vocational training to the women and girls of the villages and townships for providing them the opportunity to live better and earn for their life.

    Future Plans of the IIEWS

    • Help and Support farmers in Agricultural Activities.

    • Guide Farmers for Medicinal Plant Cultivation

    • Organizes Multi Purpose Tree Plantation Programmes

    • Organise General & legal Awareness Programs for Villagers

    • Organise Skill development training Programs for women

    • Organise Personnel & Social Health Awareness Programs in villages

    • We also organize Special Programs for Personality Development of rural Students.

    • IIEWS will focus on the establishment of Rural IT Centre's in various locations of the state though the students of remote areas can get better computer and other education in their native places.

    • Organize Women Empowerment & Development Programs

    • Will focus on Computer Literacy and computer related Information delivery Programs

    • Also Organizes Track and Tour Programs

    • Special Computer classes for House wives and service men.

    • Special Programmes for old age persons.

    • Various other innovative Programmes atDifferent Places

    • Also organizes Environmental Awareness Programmes

    • Also organize Culture and Historical Building (monuments) saving Programme

    • Organize Handicrafts promotional Activities and programmes

    • Many other innovative and supportive programmes which help the poor and needy people of the society.

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