IIEWS(Info International Education and Welfare Society) staff and consultants provide technical support, often alongside financial support, to in-country intermediary organisations. They in their turn provide financial and/or technical support to non-governmental and community-based organisations. This means that the IIEWS builds local skills and local institutions, rather than directly planning, managing and implementing programmes.

We have learned that the most successful responses to Health and Education area in Rural and other development challenges are built upon local leadership, commitment and responsibility, and are supported by knowledge, learning and resources from elsewhere. With our support, local non-governmental and community-based organisations are particularly well placed to facilitate community responses, as well as to bridge effectively the needs and capacities of poor people and poor communities with broader health and development efforts.

How We Work

The Organization aims at formulating a number of Projects/Schemes for the development of weaker section of the society, for the preservation and conservation of Environment and its constituents. We also organizes all types development and skill sharpener programmes and innovative schemes for the development of Human being in all the district of Uttarakhand with a view to ameliorate the living conditions of the mankind of the nation in general and the people dwelling in Uttarakhand region in Particular, and we wish to involve ourselves in such activities on national and international level in the years to come and create some milestone for others in the fields of education and social welfare.