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Objectives of IIEWS

INFO INTERNATIONAL EDUDCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIETY (IIEWS) believes in development of basic foundation to strive for overall development in integrated manner. For better foundation the organization is focused in Human development, through providing the technical education especially in the field of information Technology, the need of the peoples and society's aim to increase literacy and employment opportunities etc.

The organization has always worked in consonant of village needs and with the active participation of targeted group from the planning to implementation.

The Organization further aims at formulating a number of Projects/Schemes for Environment and Human development in Uttaranchal, and we wish to involve us in such activities on national and international level in the years to come & make the program a success.

Work to every hand is one of the main objectives of Info International Educational and Welfare Society. In light of the IT revolution, providing computer training to the members of deprived community and especially women became priority of the organization. Right from its inception organization is providing training to the youth of marginalized community charging affordable nominal fee and even without any charge in few cases. Fee is charged only to meet the running cost of institution and consultancy of professionals. Treasurer of the organization possesses professional qualification and competence in providing the above said trainings and working voluntarily. Organization would definitely like to acknowledge the role of Govt. to promote the above said trainings as Govt. is promoting these courses through providing subsidies on fee and sanctioning Scholarship to the youth of deprived community, organization is providing all trainings recognized by Govt.

Providing facilities to educate community is another important objective of the society; at its branch office Rishikesh, Info International Educational and Welfare Society is running a library to benefit the deprived community. Students from different class and community regularly attend the library. However society is continuously endeavoring to extend the library through enriching it with books relevant to the students seeking for competitive examinations and for those relentlessly working for the welfare of the society, resource crunch is always been an obstacle to continue such activities, nevertheless info international educational and welfare society is managing above activities through donations from well wishers and that of the contribution made by the members of executive body.

Realizing the fact that IT education is centralized to the urban centers extension of IT and job oriented quality education to rural areas is another concern of focus of the organization. In the process organization already has started computer training centers at Uttarkashi, Doiwala of Dehradun district and Badshahi Thaul of Tehri Garhwal district. Objective to reach the remote areas of Uttaranchal is however yet to achieve. Nevertheless organization succeeded in establishing dialogue with the villagers of Chamoli and Pauri district to open such training institute.

Enabling community to attain highest health standard and especially disabled are the target area and group of the organization. Info international educational and welfare society conducted a survey in different villages of Dehradun and Tehri district of Uttaranchal and with the help of information from the Hospitals of these districts organization identified few from many disabled really need serious medical aid and consultation. Doctors from district Hospitals and PHCs of these districts helped in providing consultation and possible medical aid on voluntary basis, most of the medicines however arranged by the organization.

Conservation of Indian classical music & dance along with indigenous culture is another thrust area of the organization. In initial stage of its inception it was really difficult to directly initiate the activity; however organization succeeded to help and of course strengthen a local institute naming 'Nupur Nritya Kala Mandir' to continue the activities so that to fulfill the objective. Organization is focusing upon to promote the local culture and music through developing a symbiotic relationship with local singers. Dialogue already have been established with Garhwali and Kumouni singers, however Garhwali famous singer Mr. Preetam Bhartwan already has given his consent to organize a 'Sanskritik Sandhya'; date has to be finalized as per the convenience of singer, we are desperately waiting for the consent of Kumoni singer as we approached to so many Kumoni singers it is against ethics to give the name.

Some other major objectives are as follows

  • To create an opportunity of greater livelihood security, access to productive assets, and economic opportunities for women.

  • Skill development and capacity building of girls and women by organizing educational/skill development training in computer for creating an opportunity of self employment/employment.

  • To start a computer training centers for specially for women where they equipped with the basic and latest computer related applications.

  • To organize training programme for women as resource persons, animators and trainers for implementing various Government programme activities especially for health and rural development.

  • To give the employment to the trained beneficiaries ad help them to get placed in different industries companies and offices, other departments etc.

  • To create general awareness and provide education and training to farmers, entrepreneurs and market functionaries on agricultural marketing including grading, standardization and quality certification.

  • To generate the opportunity of employment for the women and enhance their working skills.

  • To promote direct marketing so as to increase market efficiency through education about intermediaries and handling channels thus enhancing farmers' income.

  • To develop the hills' agriculture system for increasing sustainability of this sector in such a manner that it provides a better livelihood option and makes the SC/ ST/ OBC and women farmers dependent on it and move from subsistence farming to a well-knit higher-income farming system and alternatives to the farming system in a diversified manner through scientific intervention with traditional farming system and assured marketing support.

  • To strengthen existing agricultural marketing infrastructure to enhance efficiency.

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