Mission and Vision


  • To create economical, social and ecological self-sustained society by means of technical, scientific and appropriate traditional interventions.
  • To acquire, establish, start, aid run, maintain or manage, school, college, technical educational courses, libraries, magazine for the purpose of the public welfare.
  • To establish promote, support, maintain, help and run medical institutions and other establishments for giving medical relief and education to the public.
  • To promote and develop small-scale industries with the help of KVIC and other Govt. institutions for employment generation and upliftment of the rural poor.
  • To promote, support Khadi product and activities viz. production, distribution, promotion, training and capacity building.
  • To promote, produce and marketing of organic and handicrafts products.
  • To promote work for and assist the weaker section of the society including landless laborers, small farmers, Artisans, industrial worker, slum dwellers, women, children, under privileged and backward caste and depressed classes for urban and rural area.
  • To promote cultural activities/programmers, workshops through campaigning, making Audio/Videos presentation, stage performance and creating motivating Drama, Play, Serial, Movies etc for spreading different Indian cultures and assist in the protection, conservation and regeneration of the social and ecological environment medicinal plants and preserve flora and phona of the country.
  • To promote and work for dissemination of knowledge regarding the appropriate technologies in the various fields including saving energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, environment, forestry, soil and water conservation, shelter, food nutrition, Food Processing, domestic work, education, culture, health, sanitation, in the rural area and for the rural poor.
  • To stimulate peoples involvement and community efforts for the conceptualization, design, execution and evaluation of rural development programs for their welfare, protection of their rights and liberties and furtherance of the objects of the society.
  • To corporate government, non-governmental organizations and other agencies in the implementation of scheme and raising of funds for the public welfare and society also cooperate with other institutions in India and other parts of the World having objects wholly or partially similar to those of the Society.
  • To work on AIDS awareness programmer and work for physical and mentally handicapped, assist disabled, blind children/people.
  • To establish and maintain Ashrams, Community Hall, Inn Dharmshalas for the use of the public and grant assistance for the purpose to other charitable institutions.
  • To organize camps, seminars, research programs for making the mass, aware about the environment misbalancing and to promote the plantation for keeping our environment pollution free.
  • To organize training and employment for women and youth for generating income and livelihood so that they become self dependent.
  • To create an awareness about the ills of population explosion and motivate people to check population explosion by adopting family planning.


To empower the community, restore their self-confidence and promote a healthy living environment with people having respect for each other especially for SC/ST, OBC communities & female masses.


Encourage the use of IT in the Government not only as a tool for management and decision support systems but also re-engineer the processes of the government to provide a more efficient, transparent, accountable and responsive government to its citizens. To upgrade the quality of life of citizens of the State by facilitating easy access to consumer applications of IT. To encourage private sector initiatives for the development of world class IT infrastructure adequate for the needs of the citizens, the industry and the government.To upgrade and develop manpower skills required for the IT industry and to accelerate the use of IT in schools, colleges and other educational institution with a view to providing skills and knowledge to the youth so as to render them fit for employment in this industry.