Rural IT Centre

In the state Uttarakhand INFO International Educational and Welfare Society establishes many Computer Education Training Centre for hilly peoples. The main aim of these computer centre is to provide computer education to the local people and make them computer literate. These computer Institutes are managed by Head Office Rishikesh. The quality of education provided by these computer centre is very good and technically advance, so the students can compete with the latest trend and technology equivalent to the cities

INFO International Educational and Welfare Society Rishikesh also have its Authorized Computer Centre in the other states like Uttar Pradesh and Himanchal Pradesh. IIEWS also have plan to open more Rural IT Centres in the state which coveres approximately all the areas and we want that every body will know computer na dits importance in the life.

The Rural IT centre run by IIEWS with the name INFO International are providing quality education in their areas. We teach our students with sincerity and dedicatedly so they can find much better opportunity for their future in the different companies and in various sectors.

Aims of the Rural IT Centres
What the Rural Information Technology Centres could do?
The Structure of the Rural IT Centres
STANDARDS AT A GLANCE: Institutional Context
Educational Effectiveness