About Us

Info International Educational and welfare society (IIEWS), Rishikesh District Dehradun Uttrakhand, is a well established non- government organization (NGO) founded in the year 1998-99 by a group of young knowledgeable and enthusiastic peoples. From its establishment the organization is devotedly working for the awakening, uplift and prosperity of deprived and poor peoples. Later on in the year 2001 IIEWS got registered under society registration Act 21, 1860 on 6th October. The registration no. of Info International Educational & Welfare Society given by Society registration Office Dehradun is 724.

From its establishment the IIEWS is working for the development of Poor, downtrodden and deprived section of rural and urban people of the Society in Uttarakhand, Himanchal and Uttar Pradesh by organizing different kinds of programmes related with Social Welfare, Literacy, Computer Education, Computer and Information Technology development, Agricultural Activities, Medicinal Plants Cultivation, Organic Farming, Women Empowerment, General Awareness programmes, Environmental Awareness, Organic Farming, Environmental Effect, Biomass utilization and Vermicompost uses and effects, scope of development in hills by absorbing local finds, different Vocational Training, Skill Development Training Programmes etc.

The objectives of the organization are clear and totally support the disadvantaged, needy and incapable peoples of the society. One of the main objective of the society is that the organization works for rural, poor and socially deprived people and work to make them self dependent and ensure their active participation in the income generation for themselves for their society and ultimately for the country. Info International believe that education and skill sharpener training programmes play an important role in the development of women, poor and lower strata of the society.

By providing them the education, technical knowledge and skill development trainings continuously for years we can upgrade them very speedily and make them confident about themselves. This will surely results in the developed and highly skilled peoples who play an important role in strengthening the economy of the India.

IIEWS organization has been working in the field of providing computer education to equip the people with the skills required to be self dependent and to earn livelihood through Information Technology. The organization provided numbers of financial aid to students of the SC (Schedule Cast), ST (Schedule Tribes) and OBC`s (Other Backward Cast) community and Women/Girls in the form of cash scholarship, incentives, fees waiver part and full fees waiver. The organization felt that the enlistment of the Schedule Caste (SC), Schedele Tribes (ST) & OBCs community is the guarantee of development of the country. And this is the Aim, Mission, Vision of Info International Educational and Welfare Society, Rishikesh.

Info International Educational and Welfare Society (IIEWS), a Rishikesh based registered non-profit organization is committed towards employment of rural BPL youth by providing them placement linked skill development training in employable sectors since last 14 years. With financial assistance of MoRD, Govt. of India and State Rural Development Department, the organization IIEWS has trained about 4000 rural BPL youth of Garhwal Mandal since last 3 years, out of them 3081 have also been placed in various organizations and companies by providing them skill development training and placement opportunities. The organization has its own placement agency which may also work as service provider for the Government for supplying manpower especially trained BPL youth.